AWS and Grafana Labs are working together on cloud native observability

Published: 15 Dec 2020

Cloud native observability is at a watershed moment. The explosion of microservices has created previously unseen amounts of monitoring data, limiting the ability of humans and computer systems to extract meaning from data with last-generation tools. Debugging is often a process of detecting correlation, and then turning correlations into causal connections. This is where modern cloud native tooling comes in.

As part of the wider open source cloud native observability strategy around offerings such as the AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry, Grafana Labs and AWS are teaming up to further cloud native observability.

This partnership is intended to create the best experience for customers and users of both AWS and Grafana. We are actively working together to make the Grafana Cloud Agent, initially started around the technologies underlying Prometheus and Cortex, the best way to emit metric workloads into Prometheus-style backends. This ensures native compatibility with AWS’s offerings in the cloud native metrics space. With our native integrations of a variety of Prometheus exporters, it’s the single binary needed for cloud native metric monitoring as well as cloud native logging functionality. Grafana Cloud Agent embeds OpenTelemetry tracing completely, making it the perfect choice to send data to OpenTelemetry-compatible backends. This is the shared intention of AWS and Grafana Labs: Enable highly relevant observability signals to be emitted and collected at hyperscale volumes.

Not stopping with what we have, we are working to create even more and better integrations within the cloud native ecosystem.

We all believe the best place to collaborate is upstream, so we are going to donate relevant parts of the Grafana Cloud Agent codebase to the Prometheus project to enable our and other communities to collaborate more easily.

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