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Grafana ObservabilityCON preview: October 27 is all about Prometheus

Grafana ObservabilityCON preview: October 27 is all about Prometheus

13 Oct, 2020 2 min

What’s special about October 27? You probably already know that it’s day 2 of the upcoming ObservabilityCON. But guess what: It’s Prometheus day! A whole day of the online conference dedicated to my favorite metrics-based monitoring system and the thriving ecosystem around it.

Grofers’ Vaibhav Krishna will tell us not only about how they use the dream team of Prometheus and Grafana, but also how they added Loki to their observability equation.

“Loki is like Prometheus, just for logs” – you might have heard that tag line before. Bartek Plotka from RedHat and Frederic Branczyk, Bartek’s former colleague and now founder and CEO of Polar Signals, will talk about a different project: ConProf, for which I am tempted to suggest the tag line “ConProf is like Prometheus, just for profiling.”

Krisztian Fekete from LogMeIn concludes the line-up of invited speakers. He will tell us about the observability infrastructure at LastPass. We’ll learn about their use of the Istio service mesh and how it not only integrates with Prometheus for metrics, but also with Jaeger for traces.

In the opening session of the day, it is up to us Grafanistas to showcase a few of our contributions to Prometheus and related open source projects and to demonstrate how we build our cloud and enterprise offerings on top of those projects. Our intern Atibhi Agrawal will present ongoing work on the much-requested data backfill in Prometheus. Cortex maintainer Marco Pracucci will tell us about shuffle sharding to make Cortex even more scalable. Next, we’ll learn about brand new UI features in Grafana Cloud: Jess Müller will demonstrate the Alerting UI to integrate Prometheus alerts and the Prometheus Alertmanager, and Teddy Bartha will introduce Synthetic Monitoring, which enables advanced and global usage of the Prometheus blackbox-exporter. Finally, Alex Martin will explain how Grafana Labs helps large enterprise organizations adopt Prometheus via our Grafana Metrics Enterprise product. The whole session is hosted by our CTO and cofounder Anthony Woods, who will also present the ever popular Prometheus adoption graphs as we can see them from the usage statistics of Grafana itself.

We hope you’ll join us for Prometheus day during Grafana ObservabilityCON. Register now!