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GrafanaCONline Day 8: Introducing the new plugins platform in Grafana v7.0

27 May 2020 2 min read

Welcome to the third and last week of GrafanaCONline! We hope you’re able to check out all of our great online sessions.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch yesterday’s sessions (or want to see them again), here’s a roundup of day 8 of the conference:

Grafana plugins

With the release of Grafana v7.0, the team introduced a new plugins platform for developers so they can build high-quality custom plugins exponentially faster. Grafana Labs software engineer Dominik Prokop walked through the new packages (@grafana/ui, @grafana/data, @grafana/runtime, and @grafana/toolkit) and presented a demo of the new declarative options API.

GrafanaCONline Day 8: The new plugins platform in Grafana 7.0

Watch the full webinar here

Chrome browsing data to Grafana – as you browse

Matti Paksula has been using Grafana for the past five years to visualize the data that thousands of browsers produce when they click around websites. Instead of leveraging Chrome Devtools to load test a website, Paksula, the CTO at, showcased how he uses time series data and Grafana to track site performance metrics in near real time. (Only a 1s delay!)

GrafanaCONline Day 8: Chrome browsing data to Grafana

Check out his full talk here

Today’s sessions

Don’t forget that you can connect with the Grafana community and get the latest updates from the Grafana Labs team during the event on Slack. Sign up here and join the #grafanaconline channel.