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GrafanaCONline Day 2 recap: The future of worldPing and an industrial IoT use case of Grafana

May 15, 2020 2 min

GrafanaCONline is live! We hope you’re able to catch the great online sessions we have planned over the next couple of weeks.

After Grafana creator Torkel Ödegaard, Grafana Labs CEO Raj Dutt, and VP of Product (and Cortex co-creator) Tom Wilkie kicked off the conference with a keynote discussing the future of Grafana and the upcoming Grafana 7.0 release, GrafanaCONline continued with a focus on Grafana’s global reach.

First there was a deep dive into worldPing, the open source plugin from Grafana Labs that continually tests, stores, and alerts on the global performance and uptime of your Internet applications. Presented by Grafana Labs co-founder and CTO Anthony Woods, the webinar showcased how worldPing has been a driving force for a number of significant features in Grafana and Grafana Cloud. Woods also revealed what’s in store for worldPing v2, such as the capability to collect metrics and logs for every check run.

GrafanaCONline Day 2: worldPing
GrafanaCONline Day 2: worldPing

Check out the full session on demand here. (After you sign in once with your email address, you will have access to all GrafanaCONline presentations.)

Then we learned there’s something fishy about Grafana: Datask–a consulting agency that focuses on industrial automation, energy systems, and OEM solutions–leverages Grafana to monitor the real-time production of fillet machines that are manufactured by one of the largest fisheries in the Netherlands and used around the world. Datask co-founder René de Theije showcased how Datask how industrial IoT technology and Grafana can work together at scale.

GrafanaCONline Day 2: Grafana implementation in industry 4.0
GrafanaCONline Day 2: Grafana implementation in industry 4.0

In case you missed it, you can watch the presentation on demand here.

Tune in for today’s sessions: -Prometheus: what the future holds with Grafana Labs software engineer Goutham Veeramachaneni -Strava: the Venn diagram of observability with David Worth

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See the full schedule here.