Grafana 7.0 sneak peek: Panel inspector lets you get raw data and download as CSV

Published: 11 May 2020

Grafana v7.0 is coming soon! Here’s another sneak peek of one of its features: the panel inspector.

The panel inspector is a feature that every panel will support, including internal as well as external community plugins. In this new panel inspector, you will be able to view the raw data in a table format, apply some predefined transformations, and download as CSV.

“Download as CSV” previously only existed as a custom feature for the Graph & Table panel. But with 7.0’s unified data model and processing, we can now provide this for all panels.

Check out our other previews of 7.0:

The 7.0 beta is available now! Download here.

We’ll be making more announcements as we get closer to the 7.0 release during GrafanaCONline. To receive updates and information on how to tune in to our live streamed GrafanaCONline presentations, sign up here.

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