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Grafana 7.0 sneak peek: New table panel for dashboards

Grafana 7.0 sneak peek: New table panel for dashboards

28 Apr, 2020 1 min

Grafana v7.0 is coming next month! Here’s a sneak peek of one of its features: a brand-new table panel. The current (old) table panel has accumulated a ton of feature requests over the years, and we are excited to finally close many of them in 7.0 with this new table panel.

Among the many new things this panel can do is to include other visualizations inside cells. For example, you can configure a cell style (per column) to render the value as a bar gauge. See video below of this in action.

With our new panel architecture and style override system, it will be easy for us to add many new cell display styles in the future – think sparkline, image, and bar graph inside table cells.

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The 7.0 beta is available now! Download here.

We’ll be making more announcements as we get closer to the 7.0 release during GrafanaCONline. To receive updates and information on how to tune in to our live streamed GrafanaCONline presentations, sign up here.