Grafana v7.0 is coming soon! Check out this sneak peek of the auto grid layout

Published: 23 Apr 2020

Grafana v7.0 is coming next month! Here’s a sneak peek of one new feature: the auto grid layout.

(Editor’s note: Thanks for the input; we’ve moved the video to YouTube.)

This new 7.0 feature is for the gauge and stat panels. Before, stat and gauge only supported horizontal or vertical stacking: The auto layout mode just selected vertical or horizontal stacking based on the panel dimensions (whatever was highest). But in 7.0 the auto layout for these two panels will allow dynamic grid layouts where Grafana will try to optimize the usage of space and lay out each sub-visualization in a grid.

Check out our other previews of 7.0:

The 7.0 beta is available now! Download here.

We’ll be making more announcements as we get closer to the 7.0 release during GrafanaCONline. To receive updates and information on how to tune in to our livestreamed GrafanaCONline presentations, sign up here.

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