GrafanaCONline is coming to an internet connection near you May 13-29

Published: 22 Apr 2020

Since you can’t come to GrafanaCon, GrafanaCon is coming to you.

While we are disappointed not to be hosting GrafanaCon in Amsterdam, we are thrilled to bring many of the planned presentations straight to you, and at no fee whatsoever. We also decided against making this a single virtual conference of 7-10 straight hours, but rather giving everyone much more flexibility by spacing out the presentations.

So, we’re introducing GrafanaCONline: May 13-29, anywhere you can get a decent Internet connection.

GrafanaCONline May 13-29

Registration is free and open to everyone. We’ll start with a 50-minute keynote livestreamed on Wednesday, May 13, and then every business day over the following two weeks, we will be hosting live presentations by our international team plus invited speakers.

Tune in for exciting Grafana 7.0 announcements and talks and demos on the newest features, functionality, and use cases of Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, and everything else you love in the open source monitoring ecosystem.

What to expect (check out the agenda here):

  • Keynote with our founders and leadership: Raj Dutt (CEO), Torkel Ödegaard (father of Grafana), and Tom Wilkie (VP of Product and Prometheus maintainer) on Wednesday, May 13.

  • 15+ sessions from our international team plus invited speakers live streaming every business day over the last two weeks of May (and available on-demand afterwards too).

  • Online AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the Grafana Labs product teams as well as networking with fellow engineers, hobbyists, and people just learning about observability in our #grafanaconline Slack channel.

We’ll mix in a few surprises, too – and we don’t mean unannounced appearances by our kids!

Register now to get updates and instructions on how to access the presentations online.

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