The One Time Hindsight is 2019: A Look Back at Our Year

Published: 30 Dec 2019 RSS

We’ve had an eventful year here at Grafana Labs. As 2019 comes to a close, here’s a look back.

1. We celebrated 5 years of Grafana Labs.

Grafana Labs Parties

2. Active installations of Grafana more than doubled, to 482,000.

3. Our team grew from 37 to 105 working in 22 countries (up from 11).

Grafanistas in the Stockholm Office

4. We raised $24 million in Series A funding, which will support our vision of building an open, composable observability platform that brings together the three pillars of observability – logs, metrics, and traces – in a single experience, with Grafana at the center.

5. We added three key team members: Douglas Hanna, Chief Operating Officer; Dave Kranowitz, Vice President of Global Sales; and Ryan McKinley, Vice President of Applications.

6. Less than a year after we introduced it, Loki reached GA with v1.0.0.

7. Our team members spoke at 28 events, including a keynote at KubeCon EU and 6 talks at KubeCon NA.

Joe Elliott's talk at KubeCon

8. We published 177 blog articles highlighting engineering work, offering how-tos, profiling team members, and even showing our workspaces.

Simon Crute's workspace

9. At PromCon, KubeCon NA, and AWS re:Invent, we introduced sustainable swag in the form of carbon offsets.

Carbon offset card

Here’s to an equally exciting 2020!

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