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Published: 13 Nov 2019 RSS

PromCon was held in Munich again this year, and this year was the best. I had a great time meeting lots of old friends and interacting with the amazing Prometheus community. I want to give a big shout out to Richi H for organizing the conference, and to everyone who attended for being an amazing audience!

This year Grafana Labs carbon offset travel and food for the conference – but this post is not about that. Grafanistas gave 4 talks in the main track and another 6 lightning talks. In this blog post we’re going to give you a quick summary and link to the videos and slides.

Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity: Cortex and Thanos

I teamed up with Bartek Plotka, one of the original Thanos authors, to offer the audience a talk comparing Cortex and Thanos. We’ll do a full write up in the next week or so, but in the meantime, here are the slides and a link to it in the livestream:


Prometheus and Jaeger: A Match Made in Heaven

We’re big users of Jaeger at Grafana Labs and super excited to see it graduate at the CNCF. In this talk, Goutham Veeramachaneni gives some details of our experience and deployment.


TSDB 1 Year In

Ganesh Vernekar and the community have been doing some awesome work on Prometheus’ TSDB over the past year, and in this talk he gives some quick insights into the many performance and stability improvements we’ve made.


Prometheus Histograms: Past, Present and Future

Björn Rabenstein gave a great talk on Prometheus histograms – a must watch! In particular, I look forward to the “secret history of Prometheus histograms” talk in the future…


Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are one of my favorite things about PromCon. They allow us to hear from many more speakers than we would otherwise be able to, and combined with the single-track nature of the conference, really lend themselves to the casual, conversational feel.

This year Grafanistas gave 6 lightning talks:

  • Cyril Tovena: LogQL in 5 Minutes video, slides

  • Callum Styan: “Fixing” Remote Write video

  • Tom Braack: Tanka: Flexible, Reusable and Concise Configuration for Kubernetes video

  • Manuel Craciun: The Numbers Behind Prometheus and Grafana video, slides

  • Tom Wilkie: PromQL Aggregation Sharding video, slides

  • Björn Rabenstein: Cacheability of PromQL queries video

Don’t Miss

slo.libsonnet by Matthias Loibl video

Having recently moved to SLO-style alerting at Grafana Labs, we’re a massive fan of this approach and want to give a big shout out to Matthias for making this style easier to get started with and maintain. Super cool!

Like these talks? Come to KubeCon in San Diego to hear more from Grafana Labs.

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