Grafana v6.3 Released

Published: 6 Aug 2019 RSS

v6.3 Stable Release!

It’s finally time for a new Grafana release again. Grafana 6.3 includes improvements to Explore, a new Time Picker, and a new Graph display option with gradients. There’s also new and improved Authentication options for Enterprise.

What’s New in Grafana v6.3

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Explore Improvements

This release adds a ton of enhancements to Explore, both in terms of general improvements and new data source-specific features.

Loki Live Streaming

For log queries using the Loki data source, you can now stream logs live directly to the Explore UI.

Loki Context Queries

After finding a log line through the heavy use of query filters, it can then be useful to see the log lines surrounding the line your searched for. The show context feature allows you to view lines before and after the line of interest.

Elasticsearch Logs Support

This release adds support for searching and visualizing logs stored in Elasticsearch in the Explore mode with a special, simplified query interface specifically designed for logs search.

Elasticsearch Explore Logs

Please read Using Elasticsearch in Grafana for more detailed information on how to get started.

InfluxDB Logs Support

This release adds support for searching and visualizing logs stored in InfluxDB in the Explore mode with a special, simplified query interface specifically designed for logs search.

Influx Explore Logs

Please read Using InfluxDB in Grafana for more detailed information on how to get started.

We have simplified the UI for defining panel drilldown links and renamed them Panel links. We have also added a new type of link called Data links. The reason there are now two different types is to clearly define how they are used and what variables you can use in each link.

Panel links are only shown in the top left corner of the panel, and you cannot reference series name or any data field.

While Data links are used by the actual visualization and can reference data fields.


You have access to these variables:

Name Description
${__series_name} The name of the time series (or table)
${__value_time} The time of the point you’re clicking on (in millisecond epoch)
${__url_time_range} Interpolates as the full time range (i.e. from=21312323412&to=21312312312)
${__all_variables} Adds all current variables (and current values) to the url

You can then click on a point in the Graph.

Data Links

For now only the Graph panel supports Data links, but we hope to add these to many visualizations.

New Time Picker

The time picker has been redesigned with a simpler look that makes accessing quick ranges easier.

New Time Picker

Graph Gradients

Want more eye candy in your graphs? Then the “fill gradient” option might be for you! This works really well for graphs with only a single series.

Graph Gradient Area

It also looks really nice in light theme as well.

Graph Gradient Light Theme

Grafana Enterprise

Substantial refactoring and improvements to the external auth systems have gone into this release, making the features listed below possible as well as laying the foundation for future enhancements.

LDAP Active Sync

This is a new Enterprise feature that enables background synchronization of user information, org role, and team memberships. Synchronization is otherwise only done at login time.

For example, let’s say a user is removed from an LDAP group. In previous versions of Grafana, an admin would have to wait for the user to logout or the session to expire for the Grafana permissions to update, a process that can take days.

With active sync, users will be automatically removed from the corresponding team in Grafana or even logged out and disabled if they no longer belong to an LDAP group that gives them access to Grafana.

Read more

SAML Authentication

Built-in support for SAML is now available in Grafana Enterprise.

See docs

Team Sync for GitHub OAuth

When setting up OAuth with GitHub, it’s now possible to sync GitHub teams with Teams in Grafana.

See docs

Team Sync for Auth Proxy

We’ve added support for enriching the Auth Proxy headers with Teams information, which makes it possible to use Team Sync with Auth Proxy.

See docs


Check out the file for a complete list of new features, changes, and bug fixes.


Head to the download page for download links and instructions.


Read about upgrading Grafana here.


A big thanks to all the Grafana users who contribute by submitting PRs, bug reports, and feedback!

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