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timeShift(GrafanaBuzz, 1w) Issue 80

timeShift(GrafanaBuzz, 1w) Issue 80

15 Feb, 2019 3 min

Welcome to TimeShift

We only have a handful of general admission tickets to GrafanaCon LA before angel tickets go on sale, but you still have time to grab one of the last remaining GA tickets.

Day 2 is going to be filled with morning tracks on:
  • Real-time analytics in IoT
  • Cloud Native observability
  • SQL and business analytics
Also, we'll have hands-on workshops and talks:
  • Become a contributor - Get started developing Grafana
  • Writing React plugins
  • Grafana feature deep dives
  • Grafana plugin demos and showcases

We’re really excited how the schedule has shaped up and hope you can join us!

Latest Beta Release: Grafana v6.0 Beta2

Beta2 is coming along nicely and stabilizing. Lots of minor fixes and enhancements added to this beta release. For a full list of changes, be sure to read through the release notes and get more in-depth info about the features in the documentation.

Download Grafana v6.0 Beta2 Now

From the Blogosphere

Visualizing the Future with Grafana: Steffen Knott and Max von Roden from Energy Weather gave a really interesting talk at GrafanaCon AMS 2018 on how they use Grafana for forecasting, quantification of risk, and how weather affects energy markets.

A Performance Dashboard for Apache Spark: This article from CERN dives into the steps for deploying and using a performance dashboard to gain insights for troubleshooting and monitoring Apache Spark workloads.

How to monitor your Kubernetes cluster with Prometheus and Grafana (The short story): See how easy it is to use Prometheus and Grafana to monitor just about any metric in your Kubernetes cluster. If you’re looking for even more info, you can take a deeper dive on the topic in the whole, long story.

**[VIDEO] Node-Red, InfluxDB, and Grafana Tutorial on a Raspberry Pi**: Check out all the components you’ll need and steps to take to set up your own weather tracking station.

Only a handful of GA tickets left!

Join us in Los Angeles, California February 25-26, 2019 for 2 days of talks and in-depth workshops on Grafana and the open source monitoring ecosystem. Learn about Grafana and new/upcoming features and projects like Grafana Loki, Prometheus, Graphite, InfluxDB, Kubernetes, and more.

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Grafana Plugin Update

We have an update to the Plotly panel plugin to share as well as a new version of the Zabbix App. To update any of your plugins in your on-prem Grafana, use the grafana-cli tool, or for Grafana Cloud update with one-click.


Zabbix App - This release contains a lot of improvements and bug fixes. The most notable are the fully updated design for Problems panel (former Triggers) and support InfluxDB as Direct DB Connection datasource.



Plotly Panel - The Plotly panel was updated with some minor enhancements and fixes, and tested for compatibility with Grafana v6. Updates include:
  • Fix axis range configuration bug #49
  • Add basic annotations support #57 (tchernobog)
  • Improve loading times for plotly.js and support loading from CDN
  • Assume date x-axis when 'auto' and the mapping has 'time'
  • Support Fixed-Ratio Axes


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