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Monitoring for Everyone

Monitoring for Everyone

23 May, 2018 1 min

##Øredev - Carl Bergquist - Monitoring for Everyone

What is monitoring?

What do the terms log, metric, and distributed tracing actually mean?

What makes a good alert?

Why should I care?

At a recent developer conference in Malmö, Sweden, I gave a presentation on monitoring and observability to discuss the high level concepts and common tools that are out there.

Monitoring and observability can easily become quite complex, but at the heart of it, we simply want to know how our systems are performing, and when performance drops – be able to find out why.

In this session I talk about the concept of monitoring and some of the ways to monitor your system, different types of data you can collect and common use-cases, how containers, microservices and continuous deployment require better and more flexible monitoring tools, and finally what to monitor and alert on.

If you’re new to monitoring, or need a refresher on some of these concepts, you may find this talk right up you alley. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact me at the official Grafana community site.