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timeShift(GrafanaBuzz, 1w) Issue 34

timeShift(GrafanaBuzz, 1w) Issue 34

16 Feb, 2018 5 min

Welcome to TimeShift

The big news this week is that we’ve sold out of General Admission tickets for GrafanaCon EU! We would like to thank the Grafana community for all your support and enthusiasm around GrafanaCon and are looking forward to delivering a highly valuable, interesting and most of all, fun conference. There are a small amount of Angel Tickets available - don’t miss your last chance to join us in Amsterdam!

Latest Beta Release

Grafana 5.0 beta 3 is available. The latest beta includes fixes for MySQL index length issues, some UI bugs squashed, improved docs and a few other minor issues that were reported. If you haven't checkout out v5 at all, there are some awesome new features including:

Check out the full release notes to see the features and fixes and a video of v5 in action below.

Download Grafana v5 Beta 3 Now

From the Blogosphere

Walmart goes to the cloud to close gap with Amazon: We’re always thrilled to learn about Grafana sightings in the wild. Reuters recently wrote a story about Walmart’s cloud initiatives and filmed a segment inside their Sunnyvale, California NOC, where Grafana dashboards take center stage.

Monitoring Spring boot applications with Prometheus and Grafana: This is an intro post about getting up and running to monitor your Spring Boot applications, for people just getting familiar with the monitoring landscape. It walks through installation, configuration and getting to your first dashboard.

Initializing Grafana with preconfigured dashboards: Ciro discusses one of the new features in Grafana v5 Beta - Dashboard provisioning. Managing dashboards through yaml config files reduces a lot of manual work that’s necessary via the UI. This walkthrough sets up a dashboard for Prometheus.

GrafanaCon EU General Admission Tickets are Sold Out!

BUT - We've reserved a small handful of Angel tickets that are still available. 100% of the proceeds from these tickets will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation,
a nonprofit who focuses on defending civil liberties in a digital world.

Each ticket gets you:

  • 30+ speakers on Graphite, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Kubernetes, IoT and more
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks both days
  • After conference party with dinner and drinks
  • Admission to the Grafana 5 launch party following the after conference party
  • Friends for life!

Get Your Ticket Now

Grafana Plugins

We have a few plugin updates this week. Plugin authors add new features and fix bugs often, to make your plugin perform better - so it’s important to keep your plugins up to date. We’ve made updating easy; for on-prem Grafana, use the Grafana-cli tool, or update with 1 click if you’re using Hosted Grafana.


Clickhouse Data Source - The Clickhouse Data Source received several updates and fixes including:
  • Fix: support array indexing in AST
  • New Feature: columns autocompletion in ace-editor
  • Fix: properly format query with reserved names



Gnocchi Data Source received a small UX update. They've added a new dropdown with resource types in the query editor.


Upcoming Events

In between code pushes we like to speak at, sponsor and attend all kinds of conferences and meetups. We also like to make sure we mention other Grafana-related events happening all over the world. If you’re putting on just such an event, let us know and we’ll list it here.

OpenNMS - Introduction to "Grafana" | Webinar - Feb 21, 2018:
IT monitoring helps detect emerging hardware damage and performance bottlenecks in the enterprise network before any consequential damage or disruption to business processes occurs. The powerful open-source OpenNMS software monitors a network, including all connected devices, and provides logging of a variety of data that can be used for analysis and planning purposes. In our next OpenNMS webinar on February 21, 2018, we introduce "Grafana" - a web-based tool for creating and displaying dashboards from various data sources, which can be perfectly combined with OpenNMS.

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NYC Metrics and Monitoring | New York, NY - Feb 22, 2018:
The Modern, Open Source Metrics Stack, told in 4 Acts

The metrics landscape is constantly evolving. Teams are always evaluating new technologies, scaling established technologies, and finding the best ways for them to work together cohesively.

Our night will be 4 (maybe 5) lightning talks focusing on these challenges, what technologies they've used, are using, and are interested in. The talks will move quickly and leave plenty of time for discussion after.

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Tweet of the Week

We scour Twitter each week to find an interesting/beautiful dashboard and show it off! #monitoringLove
		<p>So great to see kids tinkering with this stuff early! What a cool activity to do together.</p>

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