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Grafana 4.4 Release

July 4, 2017 2 min

Grafana v4.4 is now available for download.

Release Highlights

The main highlight of this release is the new Dashboard History feature that was co-developed with Walmart Labs. Big thanks to them for this massive contribution!

Dashboard History

This features introduces version control for dashboards. Every time a dashboard is saved, a copy of the dashboard is saved as a previous version. A dashboard version can be compared with other versions and a previous version can be restored.

The diff feature provides a textual summary of the comparison as well as a more detailed JSON diff.

Other Highlights From The Changelog


  • Elasticsearch: Added filter aggregation label #8420, thx @tianzk
  • Sensu: Added option for source and handler #8405, thx @joemiller
  • CSV: Configurable csv export datetime format #8058, thx @cederigo
  • Table Panel: Column style that preserves formatting/indentation (like pre tag) #6617
  • DingDing: Add DingDing Alert Notifier #8473 thx @jiamliang

Minor Enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Graph: Bug fix for negative values in histogram mode #8628

Lots more enhancements and fixes can be found in the Changelog.


Head to the v4.4 download page for download links & instructions.


A big thanks to all the Grafana users who contribute by submitting PRs, bug reports, helping out on our community site and providing feedback!