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Video from Monitorama Grafana workshop and project status update

May 25, 2014 1 min

The Monitorama conference was a blast. If you did not get a chance to attend you can still check out all the presentations at

In the end of the presentation I talk a little bit about the future for Grafana. Especially noteworthy is the fact that I will be working full time on Grafana and related things by the end of July.

I apologize for the slow progress on pull requests. The last 3-4 weeks has been busy with preparing conferences (and the US trip) as well as recovering from a pretty intense (no free/relax time) period as all work on Grafana is done in evenings and weekends. That should change in the coming weeks but especially after July!

There are currently >150 open github issues. Almost all are for small/large enhancements and general improvement ideas. So there is so much fun stuff that can really make a big difference in how we consume, visualize, share metrics. I am incredibly excited about the coming months.

If you are interested in Sponsoring Grafana development or collaborate in anyway please let me know. After summer I will also be available for meetups, workshops and Graphite coaching.

PS. InfluxDB just launched a hosting service for InfluxDB and Grafana.