On-call management comes to the Grafana Cloud observability offering

Published: 2 Feb 2022
Grafana Labs newsroom Press releases On-call management comes to Grafana Cloud

Grafana OnCall is generally available with all paid and free plans of the fully managed Grafana Cloud offering; Grafana Incident launches in preview.

NEW YORK, February 2, 2022 - Grafana Labs, the company behind the world’s most ubiquitous open and composable operational dashboards, today announced new products that extend its leading observability stack into on-call management.

When things go wrong with highly available services, Grafana dashboards are often the first place on-call teams go to search for answers in their metrics, logs, and traces. And they’re often the last place teams look when putting together an incident postmortem. “Grafana naturally sits at the heart of incident response,” said Tom Wilkie, VP of Technology at Grafana Labs. “We’ve always enabled our users to leverage other incident response management (IRM) platforms, and we wanted to make things even easier. With Grafana OnCall and Grafana Incident, we’re integrating new on-call and incident management capabilities directly into the Grafana workflows that they already know and love.”

These new solutions are available with the Grafana Cloud fully managed observability platform:

  • Grafana OnCall, the on-call management tool introduced in beta preview at Grafana ObservabilityCON last November, is now generally available for all users of both paid and free Grafana Cloud plans. The actually useful free tier of Grafana Cloud includes Slack/Voice/SMS notifications for 3 OnCall users, along with 10k metrics, 50GB of logs, 50GB of traces, and 500 500VUh of k6 testing.

  • Grafana Incident, now launching in preview in Grafana Cloud, makes incident response management easier by automating common tasks and giving teams a dedicated place to work.

Grafana OnCall (GA)

Grafana OnCall was built to help DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams improve their on-call management process and resolve incidents faster. Easily integrated into existing Grafana Cloud deployments, alerting sources, and monitoring tools, OnCall enables teams to get up and running quickly. With OnCall, users can create and manage on-call schedules, automate escalations, and monitor incident response from a central view, right within the Grafana Cloud UI. Teams no longer have to manage separate alerts from Grafana, Prometheus, and Alertmanager, lowering the risk of missing an important update and limiting the time spent receiving and responding to notifications.

“Integrating on-call scheduling and paging into Grafana is a really exciting move by Grafana Labs,” said Nathan Bellowe, Staff Software Engineer at The Trade Desk. “Getting on-call notifications and paging integrated closer to the dashboards and data that help developers diagnose and resolve issues will greatly improve on-call workflows. From an administrative standpoint there is also a lot of promise — managing complicated on-call scheduling with different time zones, teams, and systems can quickly become overwhelming. The flexible scheduling integrations with other systems, along with a standalone scheduler, could be extremely useful.”

Grafana OnCall features include:

  • Slack, Telegram, voice, and SMS alerting
  • Ability to easily create and manage on-call schedules
  • Automatic escalations with flexible routing to ensure outages are addressed
  • A central view of incidents, all within the Grafana UI
  • Automatic grouping to reduce alert storms and noise
  • A broad set of integrations, including Datadog, New Relic, and AWS SNS, to support existing alerting setups
  • Multi-team support

Grafana OnCall is available for all users of the fully managed Grafana Cloud offering. To learn more about Grafana OnCall, check out the website, blog post, webinar, and documentation.

Grafana Incident (preview)

Available in preview in Grafana Cloud, Grafana Incident allows teams to start collaborating immediately by automatically setting up all the essential spaces and resources needed for incident response, from Zoom meetings and Slack channels to a tracker for important tasks and TODO items. A chatbot offers a command-line interface for managing incidents, and provides the ability to instantly embed Grafana queries, dashboards, and metadata, GitHub issues and pull requests, and more.

All paid and free Grafana Cloud users can request to join the preview program. Read more about Grafana Incident on the blog.

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