Grafana Labs and Alibaba Cloud Bring Pervasive Visualization and Dashboarding to Asia-Pacific Region

Published: 14 Sep 2021

NEW YORK, September 14, 2021 - Grafana Labs, the company behind the open source project Grafana, the world’s most ubiquitous open and composable operational dashboards, today announced a new strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group. Through the partnership, the companies are introducing Grafana on Alibaba Cloud, a fully managed data visualization service that enables customers to instantly query and visualize operational metrics from various data sources. 

“Our goal at Grafana Labs is to make sure Grafana’s dashboarding capabilities are available however it makes the most sense for our users — whether that’s on their own infrastructure or in a public cloud platform like Alibaba Cloud,” said Raj Dutt, Co-founder and CEO at Grafana Labs. “Partnering with public cloud platforms like Alibaba Cloud further cements Grafana as the best-in-class solution for open source visualizations, and gives Alibaba’s millions of cloud users instant access to dashboarding capabilities in a way that is uniquely integrated with Alibaba Cloud and easier to get started than self-hosting, while opening the door to a brand new market for Grafana Labs.”

“We hope that our cooperation with Grafana Labs can let Alibaba Cloud users worldwide leverage Grafana products more conveniently and efficiently so that they can focus on business efficiency by reducing the need for strenuous operations and maintenance activities,” said Jiangwei Jiang, Partner of Alibaba Group, Head of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Infrastructure Products. “While putting more efforts into open source fields, Alibaba Cloud will continue to cooperate with more open source vendors to launch complete cloud native products and solutions, providing new momentum for enterprise digital innovation.”

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Grafana Labs provides an open and composable monitoring and observability stack built around Grafana, the leading open source technology for dashboards and visualization. There are over 1,500 Grafana Labs customers including Bloomberg, JP Morgan Chase, eBay, PayPal, and Sony, and more than 750,000 active installations of Grafana around the globe. Grafana Labs helps companies manage their observability strategies with full-stack offerings that can be run fully managed with Grafana Cloud, or self-managed with Grafana Enterprise Stack, both featuring extensive enterprise data source plugins, dashboard management, alerting, reporting and security, scalable metrics (Prometheus & Graphite), logs (Grafana Loki) and tracing (Grafana Tempo). Grafana Labs is backed by leading investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Lead Edge Capital, GIC, Sequoia Capital, and Coatue. Follow Grafana on Twitter at @grafana or visit

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