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Hands-on Intermediate Prometheus Training

Join us for Grafana Labs’ public training course covering intermediate Prometheus.

Join Grafana Labs’ education team for an extremely limited-capacity, hands-on training on intermediate Prometheus. Technical experts from Grafana Labs will walk through metric relabeling, rules and configuration, alerting, and extended PromQL querying, followed by an introduction to Kubernetes mixins. In this training session, you will gain a working knowledge of deploying Prometheus in your environments. Participation in this training requires each attendee to create their own standalone Grafana Cloud instance and provide all Prometheus endpoint details (URL/User).

This is a 5-hour session with a 1-hour break at 10AM PT / 1 PM ET / 18:00 UTC.

Some areas of focus:

  • Applying configurations to rewrite and drop labels and metrics
  • Using recording rules to optimize Prometheus queries
  • Alerting with Grafana Cloud Alerting
  • Querying with PromQL, including extended PromQL operators, aggregations and functions, on-the-fly series relabeling, and working with histograms
  • An introduction to mixins and their use in observing infrastructure

Attendee prerequisites:

Currently using Grafana, with basic-to-intermediate experience with Prometheus (such as having attended Grafana Labs’ Introduction to Prometheus Workshop and/or Loki Workshop). This training will include a mix of configuration, alerting, and PromQL. This is an intermediate training, and registration is required to attend.