This training will introduce you to Loki and will focus on learning how to query across your log data using LogQL to find specific information.

It will cover the basics of LogQL queries, filtering query results, and parsing log lines to extract information to create Loki labels to use in making your searches even more precise and useful. Finally, it will cover creating metrics from log queries, which will help you create new Grafana panels to watch for anomalies in your logs at a glance.

This will be the first time we are offering our new challenge exercise and an additional set of advanced LogQL material, before the material goes online for general access. Participants will also be the first to have a chance to earn one of our new digital badges.

There are no prerequisites other than a basic grasp of what logs are and why you would want to find information in them. No experience is necessary. The hands-on lab environments will be pre-configured and provided for you with the click of a button. Grafana professional services staff and solutions engineers will be on hand and available to help with questions.