Interviewing at Grafana Labs

Our interview process is 100% remote. You’ll apply, interview, and make your decision all from the location of your choice. We know that even with all that flexibility, that’s quite a leap of faith — and it’s why our interview process and your experience of it have to be first-class.

Informative and fast

You’ll learn about the role, team, and culture at Grafana Labs. You’ll interview directly with your future teammates, manager, hiring manager, and other leaders so you’ll know exactly who you’ll be working with. You can expect the full process to take a few weeks, start to finish, kicking off with your first interview. Throughout the process, our Talent team will stay connected to coordinate a series of interviews with folks across the company, and answer any questions that come up along the way.

Meet our Talent team

Our process


The interviews and assessments you’ll go through will be personalized to your experience and the role you’re interviewing for. All of these engagements are a great opportunity to showcase your skills and experience. Typically we have three main phases:

Recruiter screen

Hiring Manager screen

Practical (coding presentation, assignment, etc)

Final interviews

Note that at any time during this process, you can request a meeting with a member of our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Advisory Group. The Talent team will also offer a support call to you when you reach the hire stage. These confidential conversations are not evaluated, recorded, or documented.

How to prepare for your interviews

Do your research. Know why you’re applying to Grafana Labs rather than just applying for a job. Do your homework on the people you’re interviewing with so that you can make the most of the time you have with them.

Be yourself. While that’s easier said than done, know that we’re a friendly team who really wants to get to know the real you.

Think about your biggest professional or academic achievements and challenges ahead of time. What did you learn from them? What impact did they have on you?

Tell us what you’re looking for in your next role and team. We care that this is the right move for you as much as it is for us.